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NetServe offers a full range of vendor-independent IT infrastructure consulting services and software integration to help our customers plan, build, secure, and manage world-class business environment. We specialize in helping clients maximize performance and increase revenues through IT consolidation and streamlining. We concentrate on planning, building, securing, and managing world-class business environments.

Core Services

  • Software development
  • Network management/Monitoring
  • Help desk support
  • Custom application building
  • Website development
  • Project management
  • Technical/End-user training

Risk Assessment Services

  • Secure Remote Access
  • Virus Protection
  • Firewall
  • AAA
  • PKI
  • Intrusion Detection System
Infrastructure Services

  • Security assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Ethical hacking


NSI’s IT Strategy and Planning consultants get right to the heart of the matter by implementing business imperatives while optimizing investment dollars and delivering long-term, measurable cost savings. Our consultants can identify what needs to be done to match your IT initiatives with your business goals, helping you eliminate unnecessary activities and maximize return. Whether you need to define new services, justify expenditures on a specific project, or refine your existing business model, our IT Strategy and Planning consultants provide the services you need to optimize your IT investments.


At NSI, we understand selecting the right platform for your diverse business environment can be a daunting task, particularly when coupled with legacy systems. Our experienced network engineers in vendor-independent platforms can help you select and integrate the operating system and network services that are right for your specific business environment. We can help you build reliable, efficient and scalable networks with our IT Infrastructure Operating Systems and Directory Services consulting by providing integration services such as Active Directory, Linux/Unix, Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise, Novell’s eDirectory, and SunOne’s Directory Server, E-business, and information portals; and help ensure operating system security with the right application software and processes.


We know security enhances your company’s reputation and allows you to create more business value from your IT environment. Our Security Consulting Services will help you reduce risk of intrusion and mitigate vulnerability threats to your IT infrastructure. Our security consultants are top-notch industry-certified experts and have extensive knowledge of current standards, best practices, and government regulations, including ISO-17799/BS-7799, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Gramm-Leach Bliley.

We offer comprehensive vendor-independent security analysis in three areas: Risk Assessment, Defense Planning and Infrastructure & Architecture.

Risk Assesment

Our Risk Assessment Services (RAS) identify exposures to develop a mitigation strategy aligned with your business objectives. In our Risk Assessment Services (RAS), we concentrate on the following:

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Assessment

Defense Planning

The focus of our Security Defense Planning is to establish a complete network security for all aspects of your business. We at NSI understand ensuring the integrity and privacy of your corporate data assets and services are critical to your company in meeting business objectives and maintaining a reputation of excellence in the marketplace. We believe technology is only a part of the solution in securing your IT environment. Effective and scalable security program requires careful planning, design, implementation, and on-going project management. Our Defense Planning services can help you increase the overall effectiveness of your security program by:

  • Ensuring network security is communicated and integrated into all aspects of your business
  • Ensuring your business has the appropriate security policies & procedures to meet its specific needs
  • Implementing a structured framework to enable security and ensure that investments in policies and technology are realized and adaptable
  • Providing a cost-effective method to communicate sound practices to employees
  • Providing a central point of security control and management

Infrastructure and Architecture

In today’s digital economy, securing your IT infrastructure from external and internal threats is essential not only to the growth of your business, but also to your business survival. Whether building efficiencies into existing technology or implementing new systems, security is ultimately realized through the sound application of technology. NSI believes in planning, designing, and implementing best-of-breed security protection technology for your IT environment.

Our Infrastructure & Architecture services help you identify and integrate the processes and technologies best suited to meet your security needs, including:

  • Secure remote access
  • Virus protection
  • AAA solutions
  • Virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Content assurance
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Firewalls
  • Authentication & Access
  • Security Architecture
  • Technical Infrastructure

Managing Network Services

At NSI we are focused on planning, designing, implementing, operating, and staffing of reliable and secure network infrastructure and operations center. We provide a full range of business consulting services that offer high value to technology-based project initiatives in such areas as business services management and business process analysis and design.

Our Network and Systems Management Services and solution can assist your organization in all phases of managing network operations and service centers, from planning and design to implementation and staffing.

Small Business Solutions

We strongly believe in “No Business Left Behind” when it comes to comprehensive IT solutions. As a result, we offer a monthly flat-rate based support to small businesses that can not afford to have their own in-house IT staff or do not want to place expensive support calls to vendors like Microsoft. Please contact us about this custom-tailored solution, to see if it fits your business needs.

Accounting and Finance Consulting

NetServe Finance

For detailed information on our range of services, the service level agreement and pricing, please contact us or call us as at 949-752-6788.

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